Merging Style and Function

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a space where you can make the ultimate design statements.

The kitchen tap is one of the most important features of the kitchen and is among the most-used products in the home. Just like kitchens, tapware comes in different shapes, sizes and colours and has varied functions. However, there is one style that stands out in the crowd – the pull-out or pull-down/retractable sink mixer. These kitchen taps are possibly one of the greatest items ever invented – literally! If you haven’t come into contact with a retractable sink mixer, you must, and it will probably change your life. Here are three practical, everyday reasons why:

Filling pots and buckets of water will never be a hassle again. Easily pull out the retractable hose and fill away.

Thoroughly rinse fruit and veggies. Similar to a hand shower, some pull-out sink mixers come with a dual spray function, allowing you to convert between a shower spray option and standard flow.

Cleaning will also become much easier with a retractable sink mixer – not only washing and rinsing dishes, serving platters and larger items, but also the kitchen sink itself. There’s no need to push water around with your hand to remove dirt and waste! This can be done with the use of the extendable hose attached to the mixer tap.