Designing Your Bathroom Retreat

The thought of undertaking a bathroom renovation can be quite intimidating. But by making a list of your priorities and following a few simple steps, your journey towards a brand-new bathroom can be quite an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Browsing through Pinterest, home design magazines and visiting our showrooms will provide you with some great inspiration and unique design ideas for your new bathroom. In the initial planning stages, important elements to consider include your available floor space and what you need to fit into your bathroom, how much storage space you require, the location of existing plumbing, windows and doors, the needs of yourself and any other members of your household, and your preferred style and colour scheme.


If the children have grown up and left home, now is the time to indulge yourself a little and plan a bathroom that caters to some of those luxuries in life you tend to give up on with a house full of kids – a long soak in the bath, an indulgent and uninterrupted shower or simply some quiet time for yourself in a sanctuary designed just for you.
Setting a budget is an important step when undertaking any renovation or build and it should be used as a guide throughout the selection process.


Bathroom renovation starts with the choice of a style and colour scheme. The overall theme of your home should drive the style you choose for your bathroom space. White remains the most popular colour choice for bathrooms. However, bolder colours are also finding their way into this space through paint, wallpaper, tiles and tapware. To ensure your bathroom has a timeless look and feel, consider starting with a neutral base and adding touches of colour through your choice of accessories, textures and fittings.


The tiles you choose will set the tone for your entire bathroom renovation. Today there is a seemingly limitless range of tiles to choose from in different colours, shapes, sizes and textures.
TIMELESS: Classic white and earthy tones have stood the test of time when it comes to the bathroom space. If you prefer the minimal look, this colour palette works perfectly.
TEXTURE: Textured tiles are perfect for those looking to add character to the bathroom without having to use bold, bright colours. Layer different textures by using contrasting finishes for accent tiles and feature walls. With so many options to choose from, shiny gloss to a fresh matte, raw designs with rough surfaces for that urban industrial edge or perhaps even 3D styles to add an abstract element to the space.
MOOD: Think about how you want to feel when you are in your bathroom, and how you want others to feel when they walk into the space; this is a great basis for your colour selection. Earthy tones and pale blues can create a soothing effect, while dark bathrooms add a sense of mystery.


A modern island bath not only looks great, it’s the perfect way to add an element of indulgence to the bathroom space. Use it as a centrepiece to your new bathroom, style with scented candles and bath salts, and enjoy evening soaks whilst reading your favourite book. A bath is also a practical addition if you have guests or grandchildren coming to visit regularly.
Choose a style that suits you:
FREESTANDING BATH: Freestanding baths are now available in multiple sizes, which is great for smaller bathroom spaces. This will be the focal point of the bathroom, the hero piece – creating an indulgent bathroom oasis.
BACK TO WALL FREESTANDING BATH: This is another fantastic choice for those wanting the look of a freestanding bath, although it will sit flush against the wall. This will not only save space, it also makes cleaning easier with the back to wall positioning.
ISLAND BATH: An island bath sits on a tiled ‘island’ this is a contemporary style bath, suitable for most bathrooms.
FOUR TILE FLANGE BATHS: This style is necessary for a bath that will also be used as a shower. It works to re-direct the shower spray run-off directly back into the bath without the moisture damaging the walls.

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Explore the latest designs in multifunctional rail showers with an overhead rain shower. While providing you with a relaxing showering experience, these showers incorporate optimum water-saving technology and offer the flexibility of an adjustable height and detachable hand-held shower, which also makes cleaning the shower a breeze!
RAIL SHOWERS: easy slide adjustable height, convenient for households needing to accommodate different heights.
OVERHEAD RAIN SHOWERS: shower experience, giving the sensation of standing in a downpour.
HAND SHOWERS: providing added functionality in addition to a fixed shower head option.
ADJUSTABLE SHOWERS: adjustable shower arm, allowing added flexibility.
FIXED SHOWERS: a fixed shower arm with a pivoting head her from the wall or ceiling.
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Double basins are the perfect addition if your bathroom or ensuite is of ample size, otherwise a wall basin with extended shelf is also a popular choice for those looking to save space. This design of basin is mounted to the wall, with a floating style appearance; they look fantastic when teamed with striking polished chrome mixer taps.
WALL BASINS: a space saving option for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.
INSET BASINS: a great option for contemporary bathrooms, sitting slightly above the vanity for a stylish on trend look.
SEMI RECESSED BASINS: allow extra storage room under the vanity unit.
UNDER COUNTER (DROP IN) VANITY BASINS: create a clean seamless design.
ABOVE COUNTER: a stylish design that sits on top of the vanity. This design can also compensate for low counters in the bathroom.

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The lever handles on mixer taps offer greater water temperature control, and they are ergonomically designed to be much easier to operate than traditional cross tapware. Something to keep in mind when selecting your bathroom tapware and fittings is to maintain consistency in style throughout the space by choosing pieces from the same tapware collection, and this may also include some robe hooks, towel rails or bathroom shelves.
3 PIECE OR MIXER: With prices of both now similar, the choice is yours. Generally, 3-piece provides a more traditional look, while mixers are more contemporary. If you’re retrofitting an existing bathroom and updating only cosmetic details, you’ll need to stick with what you already have – unless you’re prepared to re-plumb the in-wall components and re-tile the area.
FUNCTIONALITY: Remember to consider what your taps will be used for and the type of basin or bath the water will flow into. Do you need a taller tap or a wall-mounted version to fit over the basin? Perhaps you need a longer spout to extend across a freestanding bath?

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And now for the toilet. If you like the idea of minimising bathroom cleaning time, consider a concealed toilet suite. The toilet cistern is concealed behind the wall, eliminating the build-up of dust behind the suite and in-between exposed piping. For a nice touch in the bathroom, add a soft-close seat to your toilet suite as it avoids the common noisy occurrence of the seat dropping from a height.
WALL FACED TOILET SUITES: The back of the pan sits flush against the wall, meaning there are no gaps between the toilet and the wall at all. This is a solid unit and creates a bold look in your bathroom. Due to no gaps between the toilet and the wall, it is easier to clean.
CLOSE COUPLED TOILET SUITES: The pan and cistern are joined together so you cannot see the flush pipe. This type of toilet suite is a very traditional look and suits a range of different bathroom styles.
CONNECTOR TOILETS: This toilet suite has the cistern mounted to the wall and a flushpipe connecting the pan. A connector toilet offers the greatest amount of flexibility for installation.
CONCEALED TOILETS: The cistern (or tank) is installed inside the wall cavity, ceiling or under counter – leaving only the toilet pan to be seen. Offering a modern design, and a great option for those looking to save space.

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An essential element to include in your new bathroom design is storage space – ample storage means less clutter on the vanity top and enables you to be more organised. Vanity cupboards provide the ultimate storage, but these can also be complemented by a mirrored bathroom cabinet above the vanity, some open shelving for fresh towels, or recessed walls in the shower in which to sit shampoos and cleansers. Wicker baskets are also a great storage option, and the advantage is that they double as a styling piece.

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