Eagles Connect FAQ

How can I pay account balance?

On the Dashboard Menu, click on ‘Account Balance & Payments’

You can then select a balance to be paid.

  • Overdue: Balances outside of trading terms
  • Due an end of month, Including overdue
  • Current: Balance for the current month, a handy way to track your account
  • Total balance: Includes overdue, due at end of month and current balance
  • Other amount: you can key in an exact amount to be paid
You can also see your credit limit on this screen.  

How to add multiple users with different clearance level?

  • This can be done through a web browser: https://connect.eaglesplumbing.com.au/
  • Once logged in, click on the user name in the top right-hand corner which will create a drop-down menu
  • Select ‘manage users’ 
  • Select ‘add trade user’, when populating the fields there will be a ‘select role field’.
  • The following table illustrates the clearance levels of different users
Super Admin Admin Sales Accounts Plumber
View Tax Invoices Yes Yes No Yes No
Account Balances & Payments Yes Yes No Yes No
View Products Yes Yes Yes No Yes
View Account Price and CMP Price Yes Yes Yes No No
CMP Price Only No No No No Yes
Place Order Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Create Quote Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Manage Users Yes Yes No No No
Create Users Yes Yes No No No
Delete Users Yes No No No No