Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom is one of the more practical rooms in a house, however they can still benefit from the basic storage and decorating principles you would apply to the rest of the house. Managing proportions by balancing the use of baskets and placement of towels. Don’t let clutter take over your bathroom by storing things in logical places, and keeping items near their point of use. For example, keep extra rolls of toilet paper near the toilet, shampoo near the shower, and soap refills under the basin. Stow towels in multiple places for easy access, which also makes it easier for guests to find one when they need.

Lack of countertop space can be a killer in a bathroom, so it’s a great idea to make the most of available vertical space from floor to ceiling. A standing vanity, with a kick or on legs, makes perfect use of the space below your basin. A combination of drawers and shelves works best for storing a variety of different sizes items. Drawer inserts or organisers can be useful to store and organise skincare products, makeup and toiletries.

Shelves are far less costly to construct than drawers and cupboards. Topped with fabric-lined baskets, they offer drawer like accessibility and partially conceal contents. For the same function but a different look try wire baskets, or clear plastic boxes.

A wedge of wall space can become a built-in hutch that is a great place to house linen on shelves and in drawers. It also provides a space to conceal a pull-out laundry bin. Drawers and pull-outs provide better access to deep spaces that are otherwise difficult to reach and use.

In a similar vein, you can gain storage without losing space by building shelves right into the walls. While this is common inside a shower, don’t be scared to add build in shelves to another wall in your bathroom. An unused area above the bath can shelve soaps and towels for the bath. Unused wall space next to eh basin can house small items and accessories. Building between studs increases space without the expense of a major remodel.

Building slide-out drawers between wall studs can save valuable floor space. A well-proportioned drawer that pulls out from a wall cavity can hold large and bulky items, hidden from sight, but still easy to access when needed.

A restaurant-style, or hair salon-style metal shelf trolley turns an open wall into storage for towels, washcloths, and shower supplies. Small items look best grouped on trays and in baskets. With this system, you can even use pegs or hooks fixed to the trolley to hang high use items for quick access.

Ever thought of putting a bookcase in your bathroom? No? Tall slender bookcases act as a compact shelving option with ample towel and product storage without using a lot of wall space. Again, the use of baskets and boxes here is great for hiding items you don’t want on display. For a symmetrical look, top each shelf with matching storage boxes or baskets.

In a similar vein, you could invest in a tall cabinet, maximising the space from floor to ceiling, where the sky (ok the ceiling) is the limit.

Inspired by kitchen storage systems, a simple metal rod with hanging accessories allows you to keep necessities near the tub or near the basin. Hooks added to the bar means you can hang almost anything.

While vanities that extend to the floor offer distinction and charm, they lack under counter storage. A large basket brimming with towels commandeers the available space if you choose a wall-hung vanity or basin, and creates a luxurious day spa-feeling in your bathroom.

It would seem that every bathroom has that awkward corner, or odd nook that is inefficient, and makes it difficult to access your items. Here are some common bathroom storage problems and how you can aim to avoid them.

Crowded countertops:

Install a shelf, hooks and holders
A shallow shelf that elevates fragile containers so they’re away from the slippery sink
Attach a makeup brush container, a blow dryer holder and towel hooks to the wall with suction cups
Include a stool for sitting, tuck a waste basket between vanities away from foot traffic

No linen closet:

Add a slim tower for morning essentials, place often used and tall items on top
Slip shelf inserts into middle cubbies for maximum storage
Use bins and baskets to corral similar items

Lack of laundry space:

Enlist a hamper and dryer rack for a mini laundry station
Stash detergent and stain fighters on a shelf
A narrow, lidded hamper keeps the area tidy
Install a compact drying rack – meant for kitchen towels
Mount a small bin to the tiled wall