Abey Schock – Handmade Granite Sink Range

About Schock

Schock invented the granite sink in 1979 and has been adapting it ever since. This has resulted in an extensive range of more than 200 sink models in as many as 40 Colours. Schock is renowned for their global leadership in manufacturing and distributing Granite sinks to the world. 

Why Choose a Schock Granite Sink?

The material used to create Schock sinks is 80% quartz, which is the hardest constituent of granite. This is combined with high-grade acrylic to create a hardened product that is resistant to cracks and dirt and is also responsible for the long life of the sink.

The Schock sinks currently use two types of granite CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE®. CRISTALITE® has a slightly rough finish that feels stone-like. Whereas CRISTADUR® has a poreless silky smooth feel and has a patent shine. The premium finish of CRISTADUR® occupies an absolute top spot in the quartz composite market, the CRISTALITE® is a popular classic with on trend colours. 

All Schock materials boast the following attributes:

  • Easy to clean
  • Food-safe
  • UV-stable
  • Antibacterial
  • Stain-resistant

1. Shape

When choosing a sink style shape is important especially when it comes to how it will be used and what you will be needing it for. A few questions to narrow it down; Do you like a square or round bowl? Do you want a sink with or without a drainer? Is the sink area used as part of your cooking preparation? Do you need a larger sized sink to wash a lot of fresh produce?

For a square modern look Sigus, SOHO, Horizont, Typos, Quadro or Vitus are the ones for you. Whereas the Formhaus or Euro sink is best for a softer curved bowl. Additionally, most design options are available with or without an integrated drainer.

2. Inset or Undermount Installation?

An inset model install means the rim of your sink will overlap the work surface at the top. This can be used for all countertop options including laminate. All Schock sinks can be installed this way, 

An undermount sink installation is a convenient and easy care option. This means the edge of the sink is pushed up against the cut out of the countertop. This type of install is best for countertops made of natural stone, ceramic, glass, stainless steel and other solid dense materials. The SOHO, HORIZONT N200U, Typos TN200, Euro and Quadro are the Schock options using this mounting type.

3. Colour

Schock sinks are available in the latest on-trend colours of black, stone, white, croma and concrete to the bold tones of rouge red, there is a sink colour option for any design, allowing for your individual style to shine through.

Schock brings colour to the kitchen. A coloured sink is an effective stylist element that will enhance and individualise any kitchen. It is a great alternative to the drab uniformity of stainless steel.

4. Accessories

Accessories can transform a sink into a complete workstation for cooking or to improve the washing process. Schock sinks can also be paired with a variety of cutting boards and drainer tray styles.