Planning a Bathroom Renovation

When considering a bathroom or ensuite renovation it can sometimes be daunting, with so many different options, styles and products available it is important not to rush into anything without some planning.

A great place to start is by scrapbooking or collecting information, pictures, magazine clippings, browsing websites and collecting brochures of products or brands you are interested in. A great tool for browsing images or creating your own virtual scrapbook, is Pinterest. We even have a Pinterest board you can check out here. Time to get inspired!

It’s a good idea to consider the following:

What is your budget?
What style are you looking for?
What items are must haves?
Consider storage requirements
Who and how many people wil be using the bathroom?
Can you use the existing plumbing?

What are you putting into your bathroom? Bathrooms don’t always conform to the standard designs and configurations like kitchens do, however they generally have standard inclusions, though you do have several different types of the following fixtures. You will need to consider who uses the space regularly, who else might use the space i.e. visitors and what the main functions of the room will be. It is important to consider these at the beginning of the planning phase.

Wall mounted Basins
Pedestal Basin
Ceramic/glass basin built into cabinet
Floor mounted Vanity on kick board
Vanity on Legs
Wall mounted vanity unit
Single bowl / double bowl
Doors / drawers
Tap holes / tap mounts

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All new toilet suites sold in Australia must have a water saving rating. They should deliver no more than 6 litres of water on full flush and 3 litres on half flush. But most modern toilets are even more efficient, delivering as little as 4.5 litres on full flush.

Close Coupled Toilet Suite: A close-coupled suite is one where the pan and the cistern are fully integrated to form one complete unit. There is little or no flexibility to vary the set-out. On the other hand, a “link suite” is one where the cistern and the pan are linked only by the flush pipe and by a plastic plate to conceal the flush pipe. The “link suite” therefore enables greater flexibility — the pan can be moved forwards or backwards to accommodate an unusual set out.

Concealed Cistern Toilet Suite: Concealed cistern suites or in-wall toilet suite pans are either wall mount or wall faced (on the floor) and the cistern resides in the wall cavity. Again these suites make for easy cleaning, but require greater and early planning with your plumber and or builder.

Wall Faced (Back to Wall) Toilet Suite: Back-to-wall or wall faced toilet suites have clean lines which disguise traps, they also make for easy cleans as there are less grooves and dust collecting areas with the flatter surface provided.

Link Toilet Suite (Plastic or China)

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Shower / Bath combo
With Hob – inset into wall tile
Island style bath (away from wall)
Corner bath
Rectangle / Oval shaped bath
Spa bath with jets

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Style & Finishes
Mixer tap
Traditional three piece tap ware
Outlet type/styles

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Shower / bath combo
Frameless shower screen
Semi-frameless shower screen
Framed screen
All in one unit
Walk in or step up

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