NEW RIDGID Flexshaft

NEW RIDGID SeeSnake® Reels with TruSense™ & CS6x Versa™ Monitor

RIDGID have announced an exciting addition to their Drain Inspection line-up with the TruSense™ mini & standard camera reels and the CS6x Versa™ as part of RIDGID’s commitment to continual development of technological precision products.

RIDGID TruSense™ cameras include a high dynamic range (HDR) image that takes the next leap forward in diagnostic imaging when connected to a RIDGID CSx monitor. In addition, TruSense cameras also include TiltSense™ which displays the camera head pitch in the pipe on the monitor. These are both new features to the RIDGID mini & standard camera reels.

A common challenge faced by diagnostic professionals is being able to see far down the pipe as well as the image just in front of the camera’s lights. An HDR image sensor expands the camera’s dynamic range.

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For more information and special trade account pricing, see the staff at your local trade counter.


NEW RIDGID Standard Camera Reel with TruSense™

Equipped with the largest diameter SeeSnake® camera head, the Standard is your go-to machine for inspecting long runs in main sewer laterals. Everything about the Standard suggests durability, from the all-metal frame and hardened stainless steel camera head to the stiff cable. Newly available TruSense™ technology provides a high dynamic range (HDR) image sensor and a TiltSense™ inclinometer for SeeSnake® CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitors.

  • First data enabled camera heads designed for drain inspection
  • HDR image sensor offers bright, clear in-pipe imaging in difficult lighting conditions
  • Tilt Sense data sensor displays the camera’s pitch on CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitors
  • Self-leveling option ensures camera image is always upright
  • Download the free HQ x Live app to view and record video from a CS x series monitor on your phone or tablet

For more information and special trade account pricing, see the staff at your local trade counter.