Ideal Plants for Bathrooms

Indoor plants are experiencing a come-back in a big way. This trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, even making its way into our bathrooms.

Introducing plants into our homes can improve the level of oxygen and filter pollution, which in turn improves the overall air quality indoors. As a bonus, a feature plant can add real style and vibrance to an otherwise plain bathroom or ensuite.

Picking the right plant for your bathroom requires consideration of your specific circumstances. For example, how much natural light is available, is there direct sunlight, will there be a draft, how much maintenance you are prepared to provide, and how much space do you have. For this reason, it’s a good idea to speak with your local nursery about what plant/s are suitable for your bathroom or ensuite.

To give you a bit of a guide, the following plants are generally suitable for bathrooms as they thrive in environments with high humidity and moisture:

The same principles apply to the bathroom or ensuite, as they would for the rest of the house. If your bathroom has the space, then a large potted plant in a corner can make for an on-trend statement. Plants such as the Monstera Deliciosa, Mother-in-law’s Tongue and Lady Palm are ideal here.

If floor space is at a minimum, or you have crawling children or pets, then opting for a smaller variety than can be hung or sit on the vanity or window sill could be the way to go for you. You might consider a Peace Lilly, Aloe Vera or Philodendron.


If you have the room for a potted plant, then be brave and go for a statement pot that ties in with your bathroom accessories, like the colour and style of your tapwear.

If you like the look of the larger leafs, but don’t have the space for an entire Monstera Deliciosa in your bathroom, then one or two leaf clippings placed in a shallow glass vase can have a similar impact.

Choosing a hanging plant variety, and placing several on the window sill can add an instant rainforest feel, particularly if the window sits above the bath. Having multiple plants at different levels, so one on the window sill and one on the floor below the window, immediately draws attention and adds another dimension to the look.

Still need more plant-spiration? Head to Instagram or Pinterest and you won’t be disappointed with the array of indoor plants taking over the feeds.

Posted: Mon, Oct 23rd 2017, 13:25

Aloe Vera
Birds Nest Fern
Boston Fern
Monstera Deliciosa
Mother-in-law's Tongue