Dux Condensing 26L

Dux 'Always on' condensing 26L range.

Available in LPG or Natural gas, with option of 50 degree preset.

26ECB5N - 26L/min Nat Gas 50 deg 26ECB6N - 26L/min Nat Gas 60 deg

26ECB5L - 26L/min LPG 50 deg 26ECB6L - 26L/min LPG 60 deg


  • Heats water as required resulting in reduced running costs and lower gas bills

  • Never run out of hot water

  • Superior condensing technology that boasts over 90% thermal efficiency

  • 6.7 star rating

  • Smallest domestic condensing gas water heater

  • Corrosion resistant secondary heat exchanger

12 year warranty on heat exchanger and 3 years on parts and labour
Star Rating
Hot water capacity
26L/min @ 25oC rise
Min water flow
2.4 litres/minute
Dimensions (mm)
Height: 520 Width: 350 Depth: 170