Rheem MPi Heat Pump Range

Rheem MPi Series Heat Pump water heaters.

A solar water heater or heat pump can help reduce your energy usage over time and bring your carbon emissions down too. With a gas or electric booster, you can have hot showers all year round – even when the sun doesn’t shine!

The Rheem MPi Series have the same fittings as an electric water heater, no solar panels are required and are relatively low cost to purchase and install.

The Rheem MPi-325 Series II Heat Pump is suitable for moderate - warm climates and average size families. Ideal replacement for an electric water heater.

The Rheem MPi-410 Heat Pump is suitable for warmer climates and is recommended for installation on the North Coast of NSW and QLD. Its larger tank size makes it ideal for the larger family.


  • 325L Tank capacity is suitable for 2-5 people

  • 410L Tank capacity is suitable for 2-6 people

  • RheemPlus® models available - maximum temperature of 50°C so you can be sure turning on the tap is safer for everyone in the family

  • Fitting locations make it an ideal replacement for an electric water heater

  • Back up electric element ensures hot water on the coldest of winter nights

  • Ground level heating module ensures quiet operation

  • Cuts energy use

325L / 410L
Cylinder Warranty
5 years
Cylinder Labour Warranty
3 years or 2 years on sealed systems
Parts & Labour Warranty
1 year