Rheem Loline Solar Range

Rheem Loline Solar water heater range.

A solar water heater or heat pump can help reduce your energy usage over time and bring your carbon emissions down too. With a gas or electric booster, you can have hot showers all year round – even when the sun doesn’t shine!

Rheem Loline is a split design with slim collectors on the roof and a tank on the ground, reducing the structural load and visual impact on your roof. Loline systems are ideally suited to warmer climates and areas with good water quality.


  • 160L tank capacity is suitable for 1-4 people

  • 270L tank capacity is suitable for 2-5 people

  • 325L tank capacity is suitable for 2-6 people

  • 410L tank capacity is suitable for 2-6 people

  • Split design reduces the structural load on your roof

  • Multi-rise collectors efficiently absorb energy from the sun

  • Electric and Gas boosted models available for when the sun doesn't shine

  • Can reduce energy use

  • Manufactured in Australia

160L / 270L / 325L / 410L
Gas Boost Exchange Heater Warranty
10 years
Cylinder & Collector Warranty
5 years
Cylinder Labour & Heat Exchange Warranty
3 years
Parts & Labour Warranty
1 year