Concealed Cistern

The wall-hung toilet pan is discreet and stylish. Mounted to a bracket in the wall, it takes up less space than a traditional unit and with an in-wall cistern, provides a clean, uncluttered appearance in your bathroom. The wall hung toilet pan saves space and is easier to clean.

The wall faced toilet pan sits flush against the bathroom wall. Sleek and unobtrusive the in-wall cistern and all the pipe work are concealed within the bathroom wall. These toilet pans are easy to clean and complement a contemporary styled bathroom.

The in-wall cistern is a tank that houses the water required to flush a toilet. It is concealed inside the bathroom wall, so you only see the flush buttons. Slim-line cisterns are exposed and installed using existing connections and drains, creating a harmonious interaction.

Concealed cisterns feature push plates that are integral to their functioning. Push plates help create stylish bathrooms and are available in a wide range of models catering to all preferences and requirements.