Shower & Bath Outlets

How many times have you visited a hotel and one of the main things you remember was how good or bad was the showering experience? The difference between having a wonderfully relaxing and invigorating shower and a horrible experience relies on one thing - the shower outlet! It can make or break the moment.

There are literally hundreds perhaps thousands of shower outlets available on the market at any one time. Eagles have a rigorous selection process to narrow down the selection for you and take out the products we believe are going to deliver that great showering feeling. It is important to firstly consider the Wels rating of any shower to ensure it not only gives you style and function but also water saving capabilities without reducing the showering experience. Wels is an Australian star rating as to the water saving performance of all shower outlets.

Showers can now be ceiling mounted to give you the rain drench shower effect, rail mounted for height versatility and hand held operation, and massage and pulsating showers for muscle relief or just to get the blood circulating.

Bath outlets are also available to suit many different applications. Wall mounted, hob mounted or floor mounted products are now available to ensure practicality to the selection of your bath tub. Bath spouts are also available in varied lengths, as well as swivel or fixed in position.

Eagles Plumbing Plus has a broad and diverse range of Shower heads, shower outlets and bath spouts to suit any bathroom renovation or new project, you can see these products at any of our showroom on the Central Coast, Newcastle, Mid North Coast, North Coast of NSW. Also for online customers we can ship Australia wide to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart and throughout regional Australia.