Choosing a New Oven

Choosing an Oven

There is an almost endless choice when it comes to ovens these days, there is an oven to suit any requirements, taste and budget. Firstly you will need to decide on what style of oven you are going for, is it a free standing commercial style oven / cooker or is it a wall or under bench oven? White or Black or Stainless Steel? The other major choice is the oven classification - conventional, fan assisted, fan forced, multifunction or pyrolytic, all of these oven type's give you different functionality and cooking methods.

Find Your Nearest StoreWe have created a basic run down on the different functions available on ovens. Don't forget, we're here to help! An Eagles showroom consultant can guide you through the process and work with your budget. Find your nearest store here.


This method is ideal for baking Cakes and also good for casseroles or larger cuts of meat or any item that requires longer cooking times, it uses both the top and the concealed bottom element for conventional baking and roasting.


The fan assisted grill function is perfect for smaller cuts of meat such as racks of lamb or chicken pieces, although larger cuts of meat and poultry can also be perfectly cooked using the fan assisted grill function. It uses less energy than conventional roasting and uses the top centre heating element and the fan to evenly distribute the heat allowing crisp and evenly cooked food.


This method is great for cooking on two levels in particular biscuits and pastries. The fan assisted cooking function makes use of the rear mounted fan, which circulates the heated air from the top and bottom elements to bring the whole oven to an even temperature, which will reduce cooking times, save energy and produce evenly cooked food. You can also use this for low temperature defrosting and for drying out fruit and vegetables.


Perfect for cheesecakes, pizzas and fruit tarts, this function uses the concealed bottom element to heat and crisp from the bottom up, it also utilizes the fan to evenly distribute the heat throughout the oven, also use this method for heating pre-prepared dishes.


Fan forced is a quicker way cooking compared to conventional as is uses optimal heat distribution and circulation generated by a fan that is surrounded by a 3rd heat element, this distributes the radiated heated air throughout the oven. Perfect for batch cooking and cooking a complete meal on three oven tray levels.


Ideal for creating a perfect crispy pizza base, this method uses heat from only the bottom element. This method is also ideal for pastry cases where a crispy underside is required.


This method is ideal for cooking sausages, steaks and some cheeses, to create a moist and tender meal. When using the thermostatically controlled grill, closing the door whilst grilling saves energy and also reduces splatter of grease and fat whilst cooking. Only the centre element of the frill is activated with this function.


Ideal for cooking a healthy roast dinner, this method uses the grill element as well as a rotisserie motor. With the excess fats being drained whilst cooking, this is a healthier way of roasting meats, use an oven pan below to collect the meat juices and fats when cooking.

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Posted: Thu, Jul 6th 2017, 17:05