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Did you know you can... Filter Item Search Results by Size

Category: News Posted: 13th August, 2019
Filter Item Search Results by Size in Eagles Connect This is handy when you're on a job site and need to place an Eagles Connect order for 100mm and 80mm PVC Pipe and Fittings, for example Reducer, Bends and Joiner. You can, quickly narrow down search results to only show the products and size...

Did you know you can... Create a CMP

Category: News Posted: 5th August, 2019
Create a CMP/Plumber Sub Account in Eagles Connect This is perfect for your staff out on site to create orders and look up Competitive Market Pricing (CMP) for quoting to a client. This restricts the login for site plumbers or apprentices to allow: Price lookup only showing CMP Ordering...
RIDGID SeeSnake Tile.jpg


Category: News Posted: 1st July, 2019
NEW RIDGID SeeSnake® Reels with TruSense™ & CS6x Versa™ Monitor RIDGID have announced an exciting addition to their Drain Inspection line-up with the TruSense™ mini & standard camera reels and the CS6x Versa™ as part of RIDGID’s commitment to continual development of technological precision ...

Eagles Connect Improvements

Category: News Posted: 28th June, 2019
We've Made Improvements to Eagles Connect! We've been busy working away on several updates to our Eagles Connect platform, to improve the functionality and efficiency, as well as enhance the experience: Improvements to speed and performance NEW create a Kit List, which is a group of products...

NEW RIDGID Flexshaft

Category: News Posted: 1st May, 2019
NEW RIDGID Flexshaft Drain Machines NEW RIDGID FlexShaft machines are lightweight, compact and highly efficient machines that deliver wall-to-wall clean in 1¼” to 4” drain lines up to 70’. FlexShaft machines can also be operated while an inspection camera is in the line, letting you see while yo...